Help A Fur Buddy - Dr RP Raath


Our furry friends deserve food, warmth and love!

Please help us donate to the local animal shelters, they are having a hard time as well in this time of unrest and uncertainty.

All proceeds will go towards Spca, Wollies, Woodrock and Wetnose.

The Funds raised will help not only for food and blankets but for things like Vet bills and rehabilitation as well.

It it feezing outside and the animals did not ask for the life they were given.

We want to help provide a safe and warm and caring place for them and as a community we can help them.

The Shelter animals cannot help themselves, they cant speak up or make a plan to feed themselves like us humans can.

Please show some kindness, if you can help in any way, we and the animals there will be grateful for any kind of help that you can offer us!

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