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Mokgolo Holdings was registered in the Republic of South Africa with interest in the investment holding industry. In other words, the company is a special type of business that does not manufacture, sell any products, or offer services or conduct any other business operations itself. Its purpose is to hold full control of other companies in a variety of unrelated industries, and provide additional capital to continue and increase the volume and the profitability of the acquired companies. Some of those companies it owns actually do manufacture, sell or otherwise conduct business.

Honestly, I am an entrepreneur just starting out, who wish to raise funds (R85, 000) through grants/donations. Initial startup will consist of a comprehensive business plan with project management setup & launch. During this time ( within the initial 90 days of startup), several contract-based advisors will be added to begin develop an appropriate business plan that defines the acquisition strategy of the business. Set goals like how large a holding company I want to create. How many staff members and how much capital I need. Arrange the finance sources by presenting the business plan to funders and so on. Create a website that presents the business. Send a new release announcing the launch of a new holding company.

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