NPO High school film about equality and justice


Top Class is a family-friendly independent movie I am co-producing with a youth-development NPO. The story revolves around three high school students who are picked on: from unfair teachers, to pressurizing parents and backbiting peers. Two of the lead characters fight for equality and eventually fall in love.

I’ve already approached numerous companies for sponsorship, most of whom could not collaborate due to the impact of Covid-19 on their businesses.

The film is currently in the casting phase of pre-production, which is open to professionals and amateurs alike.

The funding I seek is primarily for the salaries of cast and crew.

I am more than willing to offer advertising in the film (in the form of background branding or promotional product placement) to suitable companies that can assist.

Phase 1 of distribution will be free screenings at schools throughout the country – and these screenings will include lectures on filmmaking, and talks on bullying and depression.

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