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Thank you for taking the time to visit this page. There is no need to tell you that this pandemic has affected every person and businesses out there. Please help us to stay open and expand our business.

WHO - TAG Hire Trailers, Unit 1, Triangle Park, Stikland(Bellville).

WHAT - We created this crowdfunding project to recover from the previous lock downs and give our operations a much needed boost.

WHERE - You can follow this profile on Quicket or connect with our Facebook page: @TAGHireTrailers ; friend request -Tag Hire or add us on whatsapp: 0664046443 for status updates.

WHY - The funds will be urgently used to give our trailers a much needed upgrade, as well as create a website and cover expenses.

HOW - We kindly invite you to donate R10 or more but feel free to give any amount. We created an inspirational display board which is divided in 3000 squares.

When you donate, we print an image of your choice on the display board. For every R10 you give, you get 1 square - eg. R100 = 10 squares, You can send your logo, photo, name or a charity logo to: [email protected] or whatsapp: 0664046443 - along with your donation reference number. *You can buy as many squares as you like.

A photo of the board will also be displayed as our Facebook and Google cover pictures, which means more exposure for your image/brand/charity.

(*We regret: No images for political issues or parties, political correctness, etc and no racism or hate speech allowed. Professional brands images must be your own property.)

WHEN - The project started in April 2021 and is ongoing. Your image will be displayed on the board for 12 months from the date your donation is processed.

OTHER THINGS - At TAG Hire we would like to give back to the community. We aim to encourage our clients and community, by branding motivational quotes on our trailers. Your funds will enable us to replace the existing motivational quotes with beautiful sign writing. It will be seen by thousands of people throughout the year(in traffic). And it can uplift a by passer who desperately needs encouragement.

You are more than welcome to visit us for coffee at:

Triangle Park - 1 Reactor Street, Stikland Industria.

Or enquire via whatsapp: 0664046443.

A big thank you to Quicket for making this great platform available to everyone.

Best regards

The TAG Hire team

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Unit 1, Triangle Park

1 Reactor Street, Stikland(Bellville)

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