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We are registered as a NPO in South Africa , registration number 257-386. Our aim is to assist the previously disadvantaged and indigenous people of South Africa , especially the childrenThere are so many problems the CHILDREN of South Africa face on a daily basis. We can’t solve all of them , but with help from FOUNDATION’S LIKE YOURS , we surely can make a difference in the life’s of thousands of children.


We are busy planning a few projects together with the food and clothes we are distributing to the poor.


  • Malaria is a killer under the children of the world. In South Africa it is even worse due to the circumstances they are living in. In 2018, there were 228 million malaria cases that led to 405,000 deaths. Of these 67per cent (272,000) were children under 5 years of age. This translates into a daily toll of nearly 750 children under age 5. We will be able to reduce this death toll by distributing IR3535 insect repellents to this communities. This will prevent malaria in many children and adults. IR3535 is not cheap though , that is why we are looking for assistance from Foundations like the Potter Foundation.
  • Secondary School girls and menstruation are a big problem as well. In South Africa, it has been observed that women and girls often don't have enough money to buy female hygiene products. The adolescent girls struggling to buy female hygiene products must turn to rags, socks, even notebook paper, and often lack access to clean water and private toilet facilities. The topic of menstruation can be taboo in many cultures, including that of the different cultures in South Africa (Steinig, 2017; Kirk & Sommer, 2006), and young girls can therefore experience shame and embarrassment when they are menstruating and do not have the resources to manage their menstruation hygienically (Steinig, 2017). There is anecdotal evidence that suggests this lack of resources might result in young girls, particularly of high school age, missing school while menstruating and one study found that adolescent girls in South Africa can miss up to five days of school per month due to menstruation (Khumalo, 2015). The El Shaddai Sow Foundation will distribute products to these girls to make there life’s easier , this will make them feel better about themselves. Together with this we will give them support and counselling to overcome these problems.
  • Food distribution to children under 6 is a huge part of our work. There are so many informal settlements in the country which doesn’t get support from the community. Many of these settlements can’t be reached without 4x4 vehicles , so they are looked over for food distribution by NPO’s and government.


Our passion is to assist people who needs it most. To see the smile on a child’s face if you give him a bread or soup is heart warming. The twinkle in the eyes of children if you give them cake which their parents can’t afford let you think about what you have. Children are the reason we are doing what we do. Children are the future , and we must protect our future.


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