Justice for Abigail



Abigail was beautiful soul who at 20years old had her whole life ahead of her.

Just like all young adults she had hopes, dreams and a life to enjoy to the

fullest. But Abby and her family will never get to life that life, instead they are

living through a nightmare trying to get justice for their baby. This is the story

of how Abby got her Angel Wings to soon in her mothers words.

Abigail applied for an au pairing job in Durban South Africa which is where she

is from. Abby got the job and was over the moon with excitement because she

loved children and would be earning her own money.

She started working on the 14 th of August 2020, I told her I would drop off

some clothes for her in the morning. When I arrived at the house where Abby

was supposed to be working her employer was not there and that they didn’t

even know who Abigail was. I then called her employer who said he was just

around the corner and would be at the house now to talk to me. When he

arrived I was told that the maid wasn’t there yesterday and so this is why she

didn’t know who Abigail was.

He and his wife then told me that Abby had gone to do a weekly shop with

their driver. I handed him Abby’s clothes and asked to get Abby to message

when she got back. I never got that message instead that afternoon I got a call

that any parent never ever wants to get. I was told my baby was dead. We

were told she was not at the home where she was supposed to be working but

was found at a brothel house. We were told that Abigail’s so called employer

actually lures young ladies and men into false jobs, they are photographed and

drugged. They are then taken to 1 or passed around his 20 different brothels

located in Durban alone and sold.

Abigail was found dead in a bed that had been made neatly with her in it. Her

shoes and handbag had been placed neatly next to the bed as well. The Police

told me Abby had committed suicide which I refused to believe and so I

demanded that a full autopsy be done on my baby. The autopsy revealed that

my baby had been brutally beaten. She died from blunt force trauma to her

head. This caused severe whiplash, multiple spinal injuries as well as bruising. I

was also told that my baby did not die in that bed, she was killed and then put

into the bed already dead.

Police have been going through phone records for the passed 6 months and

that is all they have done. I am heartbroken, frustrated, angry and broken not

only because I have lost a piece of me but also because they have 3 suspects

and not 1 of them has been charged, WHY?? Because they have not

investigated anything but looked at phone records in 6months. Now that may

not seem like a long time but to me and my family it is a lifetime of not

knowing why my baby was taken from me in such a brutal way by evil people.

The justice system in South Africa has failed so many people and their families

who have been victims and in the end accepted that they will never get

answers or justice. We have been told that it could take up to 10 years before

we may see justice and told in around about way that if we want it correctly

and a lesser time scale then we need to get our own investigators to deal with

Abby’s case. How is this right or fair? We have been going through hell for 6

months and the police officers in charge of Abby’s case have not been helpful 1


So here I am a broken mom praying, fighting and doing whatever I can to get

justice for my baby and bring awareness to the world that South Africa has

failed its people. The police have failed my baby and countless others. So I ask

please if you can donate any amount to get us to our target. I also understand

that we are in a pandemic and times are hard. So I thank you all from the

bottom of my heart for reading our story and I hope you will share it across the

world. To the moms and dads who have lost their baby to something similar I

feel your pain and my love and prayers go out to you.

To my baby Abby I love and miss you more than you know and I am so sorry

you got your Angel wings to soon.

All my love Mommy/ Desire

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