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This is a fundraiser to startup my company LME Online solutions and we need your donations!!!

At L.M.E it is our goal and vision to support the online community through products and courses that will make their lives online easier and lives in general. Our vision is to give free online courses via our youtube channel from making money online to product reviews that the community needs.

The funds that we raise will go to hardware costs, like a computer webcam and mic, software like good recording software for video making and editing for our online courses, and reoccurring costs like domain costs for our websites that will make it easier for the community to find what they are looking for.

The company should become profitable after about 6 months of hard work and your donations can make that vision a reality for us.

My short target for this fundraiser isR$10000.

I believe in you and ask for your generosity.

Thank you

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