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Hi everybody,

I lost my job last year March 2020. I've lost everything.

I can't pay my college tuition fee which is in 3 months arrears. Which is R5400

I can't pay my medical aid which is in R20 000 arrears for not paying for 8 months.

I have a capitec loan which I've never not been able to pay, but this time, I'm about to lose everything with R14k outstanding long before I lost my job.

I borrowed R5500 from a friend to survive with food which j also can't pay back and they are desperately needing there money back.

I also found out I'm pregnant. Now going on 3 months and I can't even afford a gynecologist. Never mind that I can't fix my medical aid.

I have never in my life gone through this and I am desperate for someone to please help me.

Please can somebody help me get back on my feet. I beg you with my whole heart to allow for a debt free month where I can at least be up to date and I'll make it work from there.

Please allow me to have a healthy pregnancy and for my car not to get taken away when execution of property is authorized by the banks.

I beg for mercy from the public.

I've lost everything and I please need a helping hand. This is also my first pregnancy.

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