Help me put my son through school.


When I was homeless living on the streets, I have to leave my son to someone to look after him. When I picked up myself after years of battling, my aim was to be with my son again after 14 years I left him. The family that raised him contacted me telling me that their mother who was a guardian to my son passed away. I was heartbroken because I did not have a chance to say thank you to her. At the same time I am very happy to build a relationship with him. I am travelling to Johannesburg on the 15 of December to meet my son for the very first time after 14 years. I made peace with the daughters of the mother who passed away. My son is 15 years doing Grade 10 and he asked me to support him on his studies till he finish his matric. With your help I can be able to take my son to buy him school uniform, books and help me pay his school fees.

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