TEDxJohannesburgSalon: Surviving Pandemics

Thu Dec 3, 10:00 - Thu Dec 3, 15:00


Many countries here in Africa were inadequately equipped to withstand the shock of the coronavirus pandemic.


While the continent was not unique in this regard, and has evidently done better than expected, COVID-19 has exposed an apparent need for the people of Africa to strengthen their capacity to collect data, innovate appropriate solutions, and support programs that address the shortcomings. Doing so could ensure that when the next pandemic comes, African populations can be more certain of their prospects of surviving it without having to endure economic collapse and large-scale loss of life.


TEDxJohannesburg, along with a select few events in Brazil, Nigeria, and India, has teamed up with TEDx and Skoll Foundation to explore the issues and see how local communities around the world are responding to the challenges, in their respective contexts.


On Thursday 3 December 2020, TEDxJohannesburg hosts a virtual deep dive with local innovators and social entrepreneurs who are leading the way, and stepping up to the challenge. 


Confirmed speakers include the following:


Gustav Praekelt | Technologist, Founder & CEO of Praekelt Group

Dr. Anatole Manzi (Rwanda, USA) | Public health specialist, Aspen New Voices fellow

Shaneel Bachoo | Researcher, consumer insights specialist

Luba Kassova (UK) | Co-founder of AKAS, audience strategy expert

Prof. Justin Jonas | Technologist, technical advisor for the National Ventilator Project

Stacey Rozen | Interdisciplinary designer, illustrator, expressive arts practitioner & craftivist

Mia Malan | Journalist, founding editor-in-chief of Bhekisisa

Mervyn Abrahams | Researcher, economic justice advocate

Liabo Setho | Journalist, TV presenter, economics reporter

Danjuma Adda (Nigeria) | Hepatitis patient advocate, Aspen New Voices fellow

Saad Uakkas (Morocco) | Final year medical student, global health advocate

Marco Longari (Italy, SA) | AFP's head of photography in Africa

Prof. Shadreck Chirikure (Zim, SA) | Archeologist, University of Cape Town

Thulani Madondo | Co-founder of Kliptown Youth Programme

Prof. Wendy Stevens | Head of Molecular Medicine & Haematology, Wits University

Prof. Lynn Morris | Interim executive director of the NICD

We invite you to join us.

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