Ubuntu Wellness for Women Fundraiser


Thank you for supporting our dream to provide women and their families wellness services!

We are raising funds for 2 cottages at Pineville Junction to provide a retreat space. Some services will be free and for donations and others will be well-priced to support the women in business who are offering these services. Some will be one on one services and some will be small group classes.

Services include:

Yoga & Tai Chi Community Classes


Music & Movement Therapy

Dance Classes for Ladies & Girls

Health Coaching by a Qualified Nurse & Doctor

Mommy & Me Storytime, Art & Sing-a-longs

Doula Care - Pregnancy, Baby & Breastfeeding Support

Mother Support Groups

Teen Support Groups


Mindfullness & Meditation

Interfaith Devotions and Classes

Wellness Products, detoxes, fresh produce and health shots

We have secured funds for the Wellness Room and are currently raising the deposit and rental costs for the office Cottage. You can watch your donation transform this space into a place for empowering women and families! Thank you so much for your consideration!

Please follow us on insta: @ubuntuwellnessproject or on fb: ubuntu wellness you can also follow us at unitedteambuilding.co.za & @unitedteambuilding on insta or fb

Thank you so much for your consideration!

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