Outeach to assist Soup Kitchens-Mitchell's Plain


As Mitchell's Plain Community Economic and Cultural Empowerment Organisation, also known as MPCECEO, 142-420 NPO, our main objective as an NPO is to assist our communities in Mitchell's Plain in accessing opportunities on how to become economically and culturally empowered and self-sustainable. The organisation secondary objective is to work in close collaboration with other organisations such as SOUP KITCHENS, STREET COMMITTEES, CHURCH ORGANISATIONS, SCHOOLS, reaching out to business /stakeholders / family/ friends / fellow activists on all platforms, and YOU, as we call "ANGELS", to assist us in supporting us to serve our communities, working towards encouraging collaboration, supporting one another even though faced with many challenges such as funding, ensuring in this OUTREACH PROJECT we reach out and assist our SOUP KITCHENS in MITCHELL'S PLAIN to keep serving our communities through their feeding schemes. Our communities are crying out and our loyal volunteers are daily feeding the growing masses being the poorest of the poor. Help us in our plight to assist our Angels running these Soup Kitchens in Mitchell's Plain to further serve our communities by reaching out in any form of donation and/or relief possible. We thank you for taking the time to read our plight and we call you to support our initiative /cause to feed our communities. This is indeed the time to unite and support one another. Thanking you.

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