AfrikaBurn eCompression

Sat Jul 4, 10:00 - Sun Jul 5, 02:00


Strap on your goggles, step through the screen and get ready to dive into the digital dust - because we’re eCompressing!

It’s true - join the AfrikaBurn community as it embarks on another journey into new territories. This time round, though we can’t gather in person, eCompression offers us all a way to decorate, dress up - and decompress. Following on the success of HomeBurn, this is the next in our series of online gatherings that provide us all with an opportunity to connect, collaborate and get creative, from the comfort of wherever we are on the planet.

What’s in store?

Though even we don’t know what the final shape of things will be until the day, you can expect multiple live-streamed rooms, each with a fantastic range of performances, music, burns, discussions, show & tells and…whatever it is that you’ve got cooking, that you want to share.

Interested in participating?

Great - step up and register your activity with our Wranglers, who will assist you with finding a good time slot and room that suits your type of activity.


 Start your journey, CLICK HERE.

Then, choose a Stream Room (Chillaz, Binnekring etc) and proceed to buy your ticket.

Then click through, and the live stream in that room will open* for you.

*If you're on a phone or device / tablet, you would need to download the Jitsi app, in order to proceed to enter the experience. Get it here:

Music? DJ’s?

Whoa, horse: turns out, we’ve already had over 40 DJ’s step up and offer their live sets for inclusion on the event schedule. So, it’s safe to say we have way more DJ sets than we can accommodate in the planned rooms for our one-day event at this stage. But, if you really really want to participate, there is still a way: on the day, you’d be able to create a Jitsi room of your own, and crack on with that musical gift that you’d like to share.


This will be a donation-based event, which allows you to pay what you can. Feeling the lockdown pinch? No problem, we get it, and you're welcome to step in for free. But if you want to help us keep these events rolling, and covering the tech and bandwidth costs, you're welcome to donate an amount that you feel is right for the experience. To donate, see above and click on through to the numbers that ring true for you.

On the day (and night) you'll also be able to donate to the community members that are contributing content - think of this as a way of saying dankie, thanks and enkosi to the people that are creating the experience for you.

Please consider making a donation - even if it's a small one: it all goes towards helping cover the (very real) costs of broadcast tech and bandwidth, and means that we're in a good place as far as staging future online gatherings.


Just like our Decompression, you're invited to dress up in that fabulous outfit you couldn't wear in Tankwa Town this year - and on the day, we'll be hosting a Best Dressed session that will see the crowd response decide who the winner is.

Will it be crazy, colourful and creative? Hell yes - because you're involved!

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