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Rustenburg High School for Girls is a leading academic school based in Rondebosch, Cape Town and committed to:

  • striving for excellence
  • providing a broad education
  • involving learners, parents and staff
  • operating on sound business and leadership principles

To this end, Rustenburg strives to create a diverse and challenging learning environment in which the unique potential of each individual is valued and nurtured and a sound balance is maintained between this individuality and answering the demands of the school and wider community in a sensitive and practical manner.

Rustenburg will be 120 years old in 2014, with a current enrolment of just over 800 girls. The staff of 55 full and part-time subject specialist educators ensures academic support of the highest quality in classes of a size conducive to optimal learning.

Over the years, Rustenburg girls have made a significant contribution to South African society. We reflect with great pride on their achievements and look forward with optimistic anticipation as the present generation embraces our new democracy with enthusiastic commitment.

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