Cafe Roux



Established in 2006, café Roux, in the popular Noordhoek Farm Village below Chapman’s Peak, is the hub of the South Peninsula community. What began as a small family affair has grown into one of the country’s most loved live music venues, showcasing some of SA’s top musical and comedy acts.

Food continues to play a starring role with a varied menu that caters for all tastes including vegans, vegetarians and carnivores alike. Open for breakfast and lunch daily, as well as dinner on show nights, expect fresh, flavourful food with a modern edge.

Interiors are warm and vibrant with accents of wood, leather and greenery with tropical notes by local brand Bungalow Living. Come straight off the beach with your dogs (all canines friends are welcome on a leash), sit outside in the sun under sprawling oak trees or in a walled-off, child-friendly corner beside the playground in summer; in winter the fire is blazing inside with good music, newspapers and magazines to amuse.

Café Roux is available to host a wide range of functions and special celebrations such as baby showers, birthdays, fundraisers, book and album launches as well as small conferences where hosts have access to an in-house projector and top-quality sound.

In addition, to live music and comedy shows that take place in a unique and intimate setting, café Roux regularly screens thought-provoking films and hosts inspirational talks around topics including healing and wellness, adventure, lifestyle, spirituality and consciousness. To find out more, email us at [email protected] or come in and say hello to our friendly staff, most of whom have been part of the family since inception.

“We wanted to create a special place where we could sit outside in the sun with our family and friends, eating great food, drinking our favourite wine, listening to music. Simply enjoying life”


from 681 reviews
"One of the best shows I have been to in a very long time. I absolutely loved it. "
- Judy
"Loved the evening and entertainment. Would definitely book again. "
- Janet
"Jeremy has world class stage presence, such a privilege to have him play to his home crowd?? Interesting to see you perform your newer songs, you’ve grown and developed as an artist so much, your younger songs are a certain style, which is awesome but your recent songs come across as more free, as if you’ve become more free in your music and your self expression, that’s what I see anyway, you’re a gem of the South Jeremy ?? "
- Suzie
"Fantastic an amazing show . A beautiful thoughtful young man"
- Anonymous
"This band is amazing! Unbelievably talented 16 year olds. "
- Debi

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