Lady Magnolia


With an old world elegance and charm, Lady Magnolia embodies the goddess of love and sensuality. With effortless grace, she weaves her magic, reminding us all that goddesses do not rule the world, they are the world.

Lady Magnolia can be seen in (and out of) many guises... From pink corset laces and feather boas in her 'Pink Panther' routine, to sparkling in red sequins as Jessica rabbit croons 'why don't you do right'. She is sure to captivate audiences with her sultry, classy and lady like performances. Her current inspiration comes from the classic pin up queen, Betty Page and the modern day burlesque artiste, Vicky Butterfly. Not only does Lady Magnolia shine on stage, but she is a consummate professional in every way and can always be relied on to act every bit the Lady that she is! Particularly while fluttering her eyelashes over a glass of champagne! 

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