The Property Buyer Show is the ideal platform for anyone looking to own and invest in property, whether it's your first property or adding to your property portfolio.
The Property Buyer Show is a first of its kind exhibition aimed at residential property buyers who either want to buy their first home or build wealth through their own property investment portfolio.
The innovative exhibition layout is designed to walk buyers through the property buying process – and includes the finance zone, property zone, a first-time buyer seminar theatre and a property investor theatre. 
The visitor experience will include opportunities to discuss affordability and interact with the lenders, see new developments and agent listings, compare prices, understand rental returns and make decisions about their purchase. 
What's on show?
New developments
Income properties
Primary Residence
Student housing
Affordable housing

Show objectives
Create a transactional platform for property buyers to engage with the residential property sector.   
Showcase latest developments within the Gauteng region.
Educate and inform property investors about building wealth through a property portfolio through a series of seminars and workshops presented by successful investors.
Promote the Gauteng property market to a local, intra-provincial and international buyer audience. 
Providing a one-stop shop, where property buyers can save time, compare multiple assets and make informed choices.
Enhance the visitor experience by creating fun, interactive and entertaining brand interactions.

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