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Delve into our Immersive World. 

This festive season, open the doors to the world’s first health and wellness immersive experience where you can discover more on health and well-being in an engaging, educational and euphoric environment while connecting and sharing memorable moments with friends and family. 

THE HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS: IMMERSIVE WELLCARE is the first of its kind and is an extraordinary phygital experience that transcends boundaries as it celebrates the integration of mind, body, and soul.

Our vibrant hub houses leading pharmaceutical, aesthetic, exercise, relaxation, and lifestyle products and services, leading-edge medical equipment and providers, and unmatched sensory experiences that empower individuals on their path to optimal health. 

InUWell Unveiled

Research shows we are going to live well beyond 100. How would you want those days to feel?

Life is not merely a timeline of events, but a collection of moments. What steps would you take to improve and extend your healthspan, and add more joy to your every day?

By prioritising your health, your most valuable asset, you can add more life to your years and more life to your years, enhancing the quality of your life, enabling you to pursue your passions and dreams with boundless energy and enthusiasm. 

Introducing InUWell- The Institute of Universal Wellcare opening this December, at the prestigious V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. InUWell is a World Class Precision Wellcare Institute, offering a holistic proactive approach to physical, mental, and social health and well-being, all within a warm and welcoming retail environment. 

We are not just a destination. We are the heart of Wellcare.

With researched grounded in science and futuristic 4IR technology, we are creating a more personalised, preventative, and proactive approach to well-being, completely revolutionising the healthcare industry as we know it, with a paradigm shift from reactive healthcare to proactive, predictive Wellcare.

Our personalized Wellcare Programmes are designed to enable individuals to live well for longer, and living longer is only great, when you live better today. 

We are collaborating with leading Medical Specialists from diverse fields, working collaboratively to transform disease treatment through innovative and holistic strategies, minimizing the need of medication and unnecessary procedures, and promoting the early detection of health risks and diseases. 

Connect with us online for a healthier, happier tomorrow.


from 7 reviews
"The most amazing health and wellness experience. I walked out of there feeling rejuvenated! I shall be returning again and again."
- Abigail
"Staff very friendly, helpful, explained everything on what we can expect and gave suggestions. Interesting way to look foward to what the future has in store for wellness. Loved the immersive experiences, the Senskis Pod and VR fitness. Will definitely be back for that and next time give the ice bath a try!"
- Bonita
"From the welcome to Debbie's presentation to the staff sharing the various spaces, my first time at the venue was a "WOW" The meditation room was absolutely magical - however, the projector lights were confronting on the eyes - to avoid the intense light, I opted to turn towards the "trees" for my meditation. There were quite a few other women trying to 'escape' from the lights as well. I'm not sure if this is easily remedied, but I feel it would ensure a more soothing space if it is."
- Anonymous
"Thank you so much for this experience this past Saturday, we enjoyed it! 1. Firstly, the heart age information was a really great way of keeping track of our health. It would be great to know what additional steps can be taken or even supplements could be recommended for specific heart health needs. 2. We loved the goal-setting sticky notes as a tool for manifesting positive changes. Maybe we could use a digital notepad here to add images (and then we can email it to ourselves). It can then also be projected digitally. 3. The hydration/coconut water drink was very informative, would love to see more information or an experience around food and drinks as high vibrational energy sources. 4. I wished there were a few more elements, maybe tactile elements to make the Scent room more immersive. it felt empty. 5. The art installation/ projector rooms were amazing! 6. The meditation rooms should have the comfy seats from the projector rooms! 7. I would have loved a yoga experience - we were told this will be added at a later stage, so that's great! Looking forward to coming back!"
- Mary
"What a great idea!! Thank you for the magic!! "
- Anonymous

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