Better Joburg


Picture a place, perhaps in an old house, not posh but loved, homely. There are flowers, places to sit. You walk in to a reception area and you are greeted by a host. If you are new here the host will ask you about your work and show you around the facilities. The first room is peaceful, with small tables and chairs set somewhat apart, paintings on the walls, a bookshelf or two. Four people work quietly, writing, with notes and papers strewn about. In the next room there are sofas and comfortable chairs set in groups, carpets, board games, standing lamps. A man sits reading, while nearby three people are gathered around a projector viewing a newly-edited video. Doors lead outside where there are more tables and chairs. People are drinking hot chocolate and laughing together. The host introduces you to other members.

There are noticeboards advertising events: a book launch for one of the members, a games evening, a workshop on how to sell online. People have pinned up poems, notes on current projects, requests for collaboration, and photos. A small café offers tea and cake. There are menus from takeaways and a list of nearby restaurants. Behind the reception is a small supplies shop selling the kind of beautiful stationery that makes you want to sit down and write.

This is the Better space. It’s a space where things are made, where dreams become real. It’s a space where people chill, are inspired, and share ideas, hopes and hacks for living better lives and being better people. This space replaces the office as well as the bar. As a member, you can drop in any time, confident that there will be someone around to talk to when you need company, stimulating conversations when it’s inspiration you are after, and a quiet place to work when it’s just a change of scenery or a faster internet connection that you want.

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