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"Kamers is always an amazing event to be apart of. I always look forward to attending! It never disappoints!"
- Nadine
"Kamers was truly an experience. I really liked seeing so many creative people gathered in one place celebrating their talents. It was so beautiful. "
- Anonymous
"The best Kamers I’ve been to! A fantastic assortment of home decor and personal ‘decor’ but as always a really disappointing food and especially snack selection. "
- Casey
"Great family day out! Did some Christmas shopping, enjoyed good food and enjoyed the happy vibes of Kamers!"
- Paula
"Great variety and quality of products. More seating out of the sun to take a break would be amazing. As we got up after having lunch, two families got into a fight over who were entitled to take our table in the shade, which felt unessasary. "
- Anonymous

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