Bad Nihilist is source of discussions on narratives that matter.

Assuming that any human being with a conscious has at one point questioned the threads of reality, it’s fair to surmise that existence, at the very least, can be confusing. Various concepts - politics, violence, freedom, liberty, joy, pain, religion, sexuality, the environment, governments, art, culture, death, ideologies, values, and everything in-between - are the ideas we may use as a basis for giving meaning to existence. However, introspective consciousness in this chaotic world can be overwhelming; we may find ourselves asking difficult questions… Why does poverty endure while others live with extreme wealth? Is killing ever justified? Why does suffering continue? Is there a God or powerful deity? What is existence? Why do we exist? Who decides?

Inspired by the bleak philosophy of absurdity, Bad Nihilist is an attempt to create meaning where none otherwise exists.


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