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"Another excellent Biznews event "
- Andrew
"Great day! Thank you. Awesome to get different views from speakers who are intimately involved with what is actually happening in SA at present and importantly their views on where we are headed. Came to experience this firsthand and came away pleasantly upbeat as opposed to the somber mood I was in when I arrived today. A lot of mountains to climb still, but the peak is in sight.........."
- Ivo
"The venue was comfortable, the speakers were informative, and the questions asked of the speakers were relevant. It was a relaxed, well-organised, worthwhile day - surrounded by like-minded people. Thank you to all who made the BizNews 10th anniversary a memorable event. I wish you well for the next 10 years."
- Olivia
"I really enjoyed it a wonderful mix of very stimulating presenters!"
- Patricia
"Happy celebratory occasion and learnt a lot."
- Angela

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