The Daisy Jones Bar



The Daisy Jones bar was founded in 2020 by the clan of music-loving fanatics who started OMG. It is situated between the vineyards on the picturesque Summerhill Wines farm on the outskirts of Stellenbosch. Intoxicating, magical memories await.


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"That is without doubt the coolest venue I have ever attended a gig at. The Summerhill Shiraz was amazing. We watched the Springbok nude girls. Absolutely flawless food for the soul. The sound was perfect too. All the staff were so kind and friendly as well."
- Pierre jacques
"The Daisy Jones bar is a first class venue and the Springbok Nude Girls brought the vibe. The best way to celebrate the coming of Spring! "
- Stella
"Amazing show by an awesome band at a fabulous venue! Highly recommended and hope the Springbok Nude Girls perform at the Daisy Jones bar again. Love the sound as well as the opening act We Kill Cowboys. First time I’ve been to their live show and it was great rock! "
- Wanda
"What a great evening out with music by We Kill Cowboys and then the Springbok Nude Girls. Nice venue, welcoming staff, good pizza, easy to get in and out of."
- Paul
"Great show and venue. Well organized and efficiently run."
- Anonymous

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