Maynardville Open-Air Festival




Captivating Audiences Since 1956 

Maynardville Open Air Theatre is a cherished gem nestled within the lush surroundings of Maynardville Park in Wynberg, Cape Town. As one of the most beloved outdoor theatre venues in South Africa, our enchanting wooded park and unique 600-seater theatre setting have captivated audiences for decades.

Let Waves of Wonder wash over you at the 2025 season of the Maynardville Open-Air Festival. Whether you are a long-time patron or a first-time visitor, we welcome you to experience the magic of live performances at South Africa's oldest outdoor arts festival. This quintessential Cape Town event will leave you with memories that last a lifetime.

The tradition of Shakespeare in The Park continues this year with Shakespeare’s timeless classic, The Tempest, under direction of Sylvaine Strike, where the wonders of the sea and the mysteries of an enchanted island unfold before your eyes. The programme also includes the soul-stirring melodies of the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra, Tour de Tchaikovsky, a Chamber Music Concert, a powerful performance by Cape Town Opera, and a delightful musical experience celebrating the 95th anniversary of one of the Musical Theatre's most prolific writers, Sunday in the Park with Sondheim.


from 664 reviews
"This production was amazing, we lived every minute of it. What amazing talented actors they all were. A special shout out to Romeo and Juliet. Such passion such dedication!! Thank you so much for giving us 1 hour 40 minutes of fabulous entertainment! "
- Diana
"What a nice evening. Nice people, nice little food trucks and a decent bottle of wine, followed by Romeo & Juliet! Really good performance in a lovely setting. Perfect evening!"
- Matthias
"Lovely performance of this timeless love story!"
- Mari
"The show was fabulous. A real experience as always! "
- Myrna
"Whimsical setting in the park, with good food and drinks beforehand. Absolutely brilliant production, continuing with the high standards set every year. First time I’ve ever connected with the Romeo & Juliet story. "
- Kate

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