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More than just a brand, this is a place to call home if your are a supporter of our music, an aspiring musical artist, producer, live performer, or just a dedicated follower of NRE.

It’s our place of interaction and sharing, a hub of ideas and a source of inspiration to all. Here you’ll find all our music releases, specialized genres, upcoming and past events and a community like no other.


Who We Are:
Individuals with equal passion, mindset and love for music, joined forces and created Native Rootz Entertainment (NRE). Started in 2011, Native Rootz is a fully functioning Record Label & Entertainment company granting aspiring music Artists a platform to release their music into the music industry. Native Rootz give these artists the opportunity to share their talent and pursue their musical dreams through live performances and professionally recording, mixing and mastering their music for distribution and sales.

NRE strives to add value to the growing South African music industry by exposing new talent and releasing their music across digital platforms worldwide, while still showing versatility by not limiting themselves to one specific genre of music. From pop to rock to jazz to house, NRE strives to produce quality music that aligns with international standards and create ones.

Aside from the traditional record label functions, NRE also provides all music services necessary for a successful event whether it be corporate or social. We have competitive prices, professional equipment and a host of experienced Live Performers & DJ’s. Our level of professionalism, talent and wide range of musical styles can cater for all events such as product launches, Live Concerts, Corporate Meetings, Seminars, Conferences, Fashion Shows, School Functions, Weddings, Outdoor festivals, Customized parties and many more. Our experience will ensure value and success to your Event.

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