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from 83 reviews
"Absolutely entertaining! Wasn’t bored at all while there, lots of variety, great samples/ items to purchase. Well done! "
- Candice
"A very good event organized. Only thing I would have preferred is a brochure of the advertisers at the event with contact details etc"
- Paul
"I would of prefered to have access to the event for the entire weekend as I did register my attendance in April 2023. Apart from this, some of the stalls were none Plant Based, thus this is in contradiction to the show's intent. The venue was not acceptable to the different locations of people traveling. In general as the first ever Plant Based Vegan Expo in Gauteng, this was an excellent event and many thanks to all the persons who participated their!"
- Riven
"Well organised, so much to see & really so beneficial. We enjoyed ourselves there."
- Noeriena
"Great stalls with lots of variety. Vendors were very friendly and had great show prices. Needed more lunch options as queues were too much at the food stall. Otherwise a great experience."
- Anonymous

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