Lutesong performs English and European vocal music from predominantly the 16th and 17th centuries. Their expressive, text-driven concerts feature a combination of historical plucked string instruments, namely Renaissance lutes, chitarrone and Baroque guitar, and anynumber of voices. The ensemble maintains a regular performance schedule in and around Cape Town, favouring the intimacy of smaller venues. Founded in 2017 as a husband-and-wife duo, the Lutesong brand was officially expanded in 2021 with the creation of the Lutesong Consort.

‘We aim to satisfy the Renaissance ideal of “moving the passions” by communicating our own emotional experience of song texts and moods in an honest and convincing way. We approach the technical intricacies and historical performance practice of the repertoire with integrity, but ensure broad appeal with innovative programming. Our ideal audiences appreciate the kind of art that is made with a fine brush and a steady hand, showcasing a creative flair without appearing to try too hard.’

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