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from 84 reviews
"Was an awesome event throughly enjoyed from start to finish was very enjoyable "
- Belinda Simpson
"Keeps getting better every year!!! The vibes were just amazing! It's definitely going to be an annual event for my family and friends"
- Ntokozo
"Event was perfect. There was a lady handling the slush machine ( wore a yellow dress, white dots, blonde hair ) from TMG, absolutely RUDE!!! Rude enough to put me off the event forever. Her racist ways were very little to be desired. Screaming at us as if we didn’t pay for the event. She had no empathy and kept saying “ them” when addressing African people, what a horrible human being. Arrived at the slush machine to be told it had tripped yet she continued to serve those of her skin colour, Absolutely rude woman with no respect for other. Will await feedback "
- Linda
"It was an awesome event. We'll organized and great fun."
- Josiane
"It was the most fun event I ever had on 5km run! Loved it!!!"
- Shamila

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