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"A very educational and thouroughly joyous experience. Thank you so much!"
- Chris
"Gary is an excellent guide and as the foremost mycology expert in SA he is probably the best person to go mushroom foraging with. We really enjoyed the morning out an learnt a lot. "
- Anonymous
"What a lovely experience, so informative and interesting. The walk itself was also beautiful. Enjoyed every moment"
- Natalie
"One of the most enjoyable and enlightening experiences I’ve had for a very long time. Part of the enjoyment was the unusual experience of entering and scrabbling about the forest before first light, and in the midst of load shedding. And then there was Gary Goldman, knowledgeable, entertaining and pragmatic. And when I got home with my newfound knowledge, using Gary’s book, I discovered that the mushrooms sprouting prolifically under my Plane tree were edible. (I did confer with him before eating them.) I have to say I’ve been ruined for life. Shop mushrooms will never be the same after sampling the fruits of the forest. "
- Nikki Hendricks

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