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Premium Stand-Up Comedy & Entertainment featured at selected Premium Venues in these South African cities: Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town & Durban

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from 1682 reviews
"This show was amazing! It was thought-provoking and made many a member of the audience uncomfortable for all the right reasons. The seating was a bit less than ideal purely because of its lack of comfort. Perhaps a comfortable chair next time around. Beyond that, we had an amazing time getting the truth about what we condone without realizing and consciously too, rubbed in our faces. Keep it up!"
- Maymoena
"best local live comedy show I have attended!!! Loved every minute "
- Anonymous
"The show was great The Indian guy was great The while lady awesome But ofcause Ntosh killed it !!!!!??"
- Busi Karen Nkosi
"The King of His craft. The Godfather delivers as expected, a great show indeed. Thoroughly enjoyed myself!"
- Sbusiso

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