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NewMusicSA is a non-profit arts advocacy organisation that promotes the creation, performance, and enjoyment of South African new music. Founded in 1999 and operating formally since 2003, NewMusicSA is the South African section (and current only African section) of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM). NewMusicSA is supported by the Oppenheimer Memorial Trust and the Rupert Music Foundation. For more information please visit our website, follow @NewMusicSA on Twitter at or like @NewMusicSA on Facebook at


from 15 reviews
"I've been attending live musical concerts in all the major cities of South Africa for over 30 years. I've never enjoyed a concert quite as much as this one: the performers clearly LOVED what they were playing, the programme was innovative and exciting, and the overall experience was simply exhilirating. Thank you SO much for bringing this fascinating music to Johannesburg -- I made many new discoveries which will bring me much pleasure in years to come. Thank you -- you are STARS!!"
- Gerald
"Very smart, interesting venue"
- Valerie
"Good performance ?? "
- Kegomoditswe mahura
"It was a fantastic assemblage of contemporary music and the musicians were great."
- Clara
"Deep and moving experience"

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