Celebrating Dirk Meerkotter - artist extraordinaire

The Life and Work of Dirk Meerkotter is reflected in the Art he created over 7 decades, blending his love for Annie, music, rhythm, colour, balance and form. Always creating, searching, and always independent, applying his scientific background to develop new techniques in painting, etching and ceramics.

Following on from the successful collaboration with performing artists in celebration of his hundredth birthday - the Dirk and Annie Meerkotter Trust is combining the performing arts and Meerkotter's oeuvre again, to benefit the arts.

Come see his work and listen to the music that it inspired.

In addition, we are engaging with TUT, Open Window, TUKS and schools in the area to share his work and to create collaboration opportunities to bridge Modernism to the current Contemporary.

Follow his progress from realism to modernism over the decades.

Dirk and Annie Meerkotter settled in Linden in the late 50's and the children passed through and Louw Geldenhuys Primary School and Linden High School The NG kerk Lindenpark with it's beautiful pipe organ, the sower ceramic, and the rich stained glass windows now razed, was such a deep part of the community. Nevertheless the art resulting from this space lives on.

The love for Organ, Piano, Orchestral and Choir music together with the selection of works are brought together to celebrate the art of Dirk and Annie Meerkotter.

Exhibition curated by Gordon Froud


from 23 reviews
"What a delightful afternoon! An amazing choir, beautiful rendering of a variety of songs—so musical, great intonation and interpretation, with a great conductor! Surrounded by stunning art work! Thank you! Retha du Toit"
- Retha
"Well organized, exceptional art combined with music is always a bonus."
- Sonja Mocke
"The ambience was absolutely breathtaking. It was aesthetically pleasing, just wonderful. Wish there was more marketing around it because they deserved more support. Yes it was intimate which is nice for us but not for the gentlemen who sang their hearts out. The experience though was worth definitely more than what we paid for. Hope we’ll see more of them around the city at sold out shows. "
- Karabo
"It was an out-of-this-world experience!"
- Herman

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