1000 Bike Show



The Annual 1000 Bike Show brought to you by the Classic Motorcycle Club.


from 103 reviews
"Best bike show in a decade! Extremely well organised and much fuller than before - well worth it "
- Leo Leydekkers
"It was my first visit to the 1000 Bike Show I was very impressed with the organization of the show and with the bikes at the show they were in lovely condition and many older ones had been very well restored. It was even great wandering around the bikes that were parked outside of the show area. Catering from the various vans was good. Parking may be a problem at Jeppe once they build on that vacant site next door! But otherwise a great experience."
- Mike
"Where were the other OEMS"
- Paul
"Awesome event . Thoroughly enjoyed the vibe and the trip down memory lane "
- Anonymous
"Well organized and the layout was perfect. I've been attending since 2011. See you next year!! A Great day out amongst other bikers. "
- Pieter

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