Jika Uluntu


We provide social protection to vulnerable children living in a farming community outside East London, called Gonubie Farmers Hall. The children are at risk due to social ills that block their access to education, health & wellbeing and shelter & safety.

Through our community center we have provided them with a preschool and an afterschool program that assists them with their homework, provides them with physical activities, counselling services, safety, psychosocial skills and a warm meal. In addition, we provide rehabilitation services to families that provide them with the skills they need to be better parents.

Through household visits & training sessions our social workers are able to mentor and monitor families on the topics we cover; financial literacy, positive parenting, gender-based violence, substance abuse & HIV/AIDS. We have partnered with the Department of Health to provide HIV/AIDS testing in the area, a mobile clinic and transport services to and from the local clinic.

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