Annika Lipp



My name is Annika. I am a Tantrika & Shamanic Ceremonial Practitioner who is dedicated to the pursuit of truth.

I am deeply passionate about empowering others to embrace and embody their authentic selves, guiding them on a journey towards greater self-discovery and truth.

Valuing honesty, authentic connections, and clear communication, I offer workshops and playshops in the field of tantra.

Furthermore, I hold Sweat Lodge Ceremonies on a regular base, in Hout Bay and at different festivals.


from 2 reviews
"Stepping into the truth went from us, a long time married couple, looking to explore new ways to find more in our marriage, to me stepping out with the truth. The truth that it is all about the I, what I want, and not the assumptions of us. It is making me a better spouse. This is exactly what I was looking for in my life, I never expected to find it here. I am grateful for how I was given a safe space to explore my inner self. This is what I needed for my marriage, my family, my personal self worth and my career. I look forward to continuing this journey."
- Chris