Schlesinger Theatre, Michaelhouse



The Schlesinger Theatre is 600 capicity venue in the heart of the KwaZulu-Natal midlands. Based at the picturesque Michaelhouse, the Schlesinger Theatre offers a diverse programme of entertainment, drama, and edutainment - a quality venue providing quality cultural experiences. The venue is open to the general public.


from 82 reviews
"WOW! It was so heartfelt that it brought me to tears at the end. "
- Margie
"Wonderful performance. Enjoyed by the whole family!"
- Anonymous
"Thought provoking and incredible performances by Segal and Watson. Outstanding, well done Michaelhouse "
- Caryn
"Awesome musical. Done very well with superb singing. "
- Anonymous
"A brilliant production and a total delight. Loved every minute. The quality and standard of the performance was at a professional level. "
- Caryn

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