San Quentin Events



from 21 reviews
"Great event! Great race! Organisers were friendly and accommodating. Will be back. "
- Shavon
"Absolutely loved the event, not only is the market itself one of our favorite places but the San Quentin events venue is definable becoming a favorite to, great organization, fun atmosphere and just a vibe! Will def be back. "
- Hesmarie Naidoo
"Generally a great experience. Only suggestion would be to not assign tables and leave the ticket holders to select one once they arrive, operating on a first come first serve basis."
- Stacy-Lee
"Really a great experience of Formula 1 with the high definition big screen and excellent sound. The venue is large, seating well spaced and the food and drink from the other shed vendors is tasty and well priced. Only small problem is the parking now and maybe space could be reserved for ticket holders around the back outside their shed."
- Kevin
"Great screen with high definition and good sound too. A few hiccups in the bar with no Windhoek Draught bottles and limited Sauvigon Blanc wine either by the glass or by the bottle."
- Kevin

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