Aandklas Stellenbosch



from 158 reviews
"Fantastic show!"
- Marianne
"Great show! The up-and-coming band 305 where phenomenal! Pearl Rose and The Stone Cherries delivered awesomeness, as always. 100% would recommend."
- Trevor
"The purchasing of the tickets was so easy/quick. However, it was a mission to book a table at the venue, since the phone was just ringing endlessly (even during business hours). Else we got through to an automatic voice message, only referencing that calls should be made during the specified business hours. It would also be useful if the specific times of the show and/or pre-show is specified and not only when the doors actually opens. Some of the options (food) ran out rather quickly, but the hamburgers were really delicious ... compliments to the chef. In spite of the above, we had an extremely good evening. Good service from our waiter, Siya."
- Chrisna
"Elandre has a great stage presence and it was definitely a memorable experience. Looking forward to more gigs like this in the future. Thanks to Aandklas and Elandre for a wonderful evening."
- Anonymous
"The band was insane, they are phenomenal. Some lekker dudes and friends"
- Etienne

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