Lunch and Learn @ B.Advisory- Sustainability and beyond through Talent Management


It’s no secret that companies are struggling to find and keep employees these days.

Companies are unable to pinpoint adequate training needs for staff because they are unable to show where staff is underperforming.

·      Who are the superstars in your company?

·      Are conversations between Managers and staff being done regarding performance on a regular basis?

·      How do you track staff performance on an annual basis?

·      Are your staff being trained in the areas that they currently fall short in?

Join us at B-Advisory as we undertake constructive conversations that will allow your business to have structured outcomes and plans that will allow growth and sustainability of your business through effective development plans.

 Peet Van Jaarsveld, our main speaker has 34 years of experience in Finance, Operations, Business Development, Sales, and General management. This was gained over several industries including globally and many different types of organizations, Corporate, public listed, and NGO/NPO.

Lunch & Learn @ B-Advisory is an informational program hosted by B-Advisory, a Chartered Accounting firm, whose objective is to provide world-class solutions that assist in running sustainable, profitable, and compliant businesses

The Lunch & Learn @ B-Advisory is designed to help unravel the strategies that will allow structured talent management outcomes through effective employee development plans.

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