#ThinkGood2021 - Refresh, Reboot, Restart

After over a year-and-a-half of a global pandemic, SA’s lockdown and civil unrest, the reality has sunk in: there is no ‘new normal’. But all is not lost. Stories are emerging of new ways of doing and being in the non-profit sector - and many stories of new beginnings. This year’s #ThinkGood2021 training day shines a spotlight on how the Third Sector can refresh, reboot and restart, both on- and offline!

Goals & Objectives

  • We mark Mandela Day by giving our “67 minutes”
  • Share Network members skills and time to provide quality training to NPO staff & volunteers
  • Showcase the Network and its members
  • Run a professional training event that reinforces professionalism of Network members
  • Reach NPOs around South Africa


Why are we doing it?

The NPO Service Providers' Network brings together experienced professionals who serve non-profit organisations across a variety of fields. Fundraising, financial services, human resources, communications, marketing, training, legal services, and more – our network cuts across all the needs that an established or emerging organisation may have

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