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"Exceptional reception from the Pranary team, and insightful delivery of information from the speaker and attendees. The quality of the network is outstanding!"
- Dumisani Wambi
"Everything was great and well planned although we started a bit late. I am so grateful for our speakers they have really opened my eyes. I am now confident and I now know what success is."
- Mellania
"Pranary has a great way of planning events that speak to me as an individual in my entrepreneurial journey. Today’s event changed my life and my thoughts about google ads. I have been equipped with digital knowledge which is something that everyone wants and talks about but do not know the right path to follow. I am grateful for Adbot and Pranary. Looking forward to partnering with Adbot for my business growth."
- Mellania Mashandudze
"The speakers were literally a conversation away and awesome energy to learn from. It was pure edu-enjoyment and impact-driven data needed during this period, perfect timing from Pranary. Members from our network Sisonke Konnect really enjoyed the evening and opportunities for collaboration in the room full of outstanding likeminds you brought together. weldone!. In summary, a great opening to 2022, your team was great. Thank you for the reception and energy you shared in the room. "
- Dumisani Wambi

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