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Wealth Migrate is a leading Fintech real estate investment platform established in 2010. We make investing in high yield, institutional quality, first world real estate accessible, safe and affordable for anyone online. They can earn US dollar based income AND capital growth. We do this by leveraging big data technology, global teams on the ground, and the social power of collective buying through crowdfunding. Wealth Migrate is in the process of becoming the global capital raising venue and secondary market for all online property investments. Ultimately, what makes our work important is that we help the 99% invest like the top 1% to create more financial freedom in their lives. We are closing the wealth gap - brick by brick. Our mission is to put the power of smart investing in everyone’s pocket and to make global real estate investing as simple as swiping a finger. Ultimately our aim is to empower a billion people by 2020! We enable the crowd to become international investors. We are disrupting one of the oldest and most historic investment landscapes in history (real estate), with a market size of $13 Trillion. Our clients (from the man in the street to multi- millionaires) own first world assets, producing first world income. They can start investing small amounts ($100 / R1000) and earn the same relative returns and capital growth as their millionaire co-investors. Our vision is to reduce this to $1 per person per investment.  We have created a new market in-between the traditional real estate and tech sectors and we have a proven track record of successfully bringing first time international real estate investors to first world markets.