The Reddam Foundation




We want to educate all our children – not merely an elite few - to contribute to a bold, brighter future for South Africa. We believe that to prepare our future leaders for the challenges they will face, our education must be real and relevant. To be relevant, we need to encourage entrepreneurial thinking and the ability to see things differently in the world, opening our students’ eyes not only to new learning and growing opportunities, but to the vital life skills of tolerance, sharing and understanding.

This will be engaged by substantially increasing our number of Foundation students. If we do so, we can cultivate the necessary ethnic, cultural, economic and religious diversity to encourage new and deeper thinking. This is not to say that we donate our time, money or skills as a means to uplift others. This is part of the gift.

But, we equally give in order to lift ourselves up through connections. The role of our Foundation is to educate you and me, and our families, as much as it does the recipient of the award. It is this full loop of interaction and openness that will inspire connections of productive learning.

Through the incredible generosity of our partners, our Foundation currently supports eight students, for whom Reddam House sponsors 50% of the cost for each student. However, we wish to invite and learn from 10 new students being introduced per year, so that - at any given time - we would cumulatively have 50 fully funded, bursary students in our school.

To achieve this, we require funding of some R7 million per year. This presents a challenge, but ultimately, a challenge our country requires us to meet and exceed.

This platform allows donors to easily pledge an amount. And as a point of connection, Quicket is the brainchild of two of our entrepreneurial Reddam House alumni (Jamie Hedley and Mike Kennedy). We are extremely proud of the ‘Give Back’ support that they have shown to our Foundation.

The magnitude of the Foundation’s challenge can only be addressed by extending our network far beyond the immediate school community. In so doing, we hope to reach those who understand the value of our excellent, forward-thinking education; those who want to see a bright future for all South Africans and; those who acknowledge that their own success is due to the educational opportunities that they themselves were given.



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