Cape Town-based non-profit start-up Hatch provides newborn ‘starter-packs’ to new mothers in underprivileged communities. 


Hatch was founded in 2015, inspired by a news feature on the Finnish baby box scheme. That article ended up inspiring many similar programmes all over the world.

Each Hatch bag contains around 15 newborn essentials: baby blanket, onesie, vest, leggings, warm top, beanie, socks, nappies, cotton wool, baby wipes, soap, facecloth, aqueous cream, a soft toy - and sanitary pads for mom. We are also delighted to be able to include an African language baby book through our partnership with Bookdash. We struggle to tie the Hatch bags closed once its all packed in!


There is absolutely nothing more rewarding than seeing a new mother walk out of the clinic with her newborn baby in her arms, and her Hatch bag slung over her shoulder.


Hatch relies solely on donations to be able to put together the bags. Thanks to a combination of fundraising and donations received from individuals, schools and companies of new baby clothes, toys, nappies and toiletries, we are currently delivering Hatch bags to new mothers in some of Cape Town’s most underprivileged areas.

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