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The Christian Women Business Network is a safe networking space for business, career and Ministry women from different backgrounds to connect, network, share information, knowledge and empower each other towards thriving Spiritual and business lives. The aim is to stay encouraged and equipped to influence the market place with His Glory.

Our mission is to create – not only a global network of women uplifiting and supporting each other, but also a global network of organisations and businesses interested in the empowerment and development of professional and businesswomen in different sectors and industries.

The CWBN offers support for women to grow or start businesses, develop and improve skills, elevate brands and better penetrate the markets through different offerings and opportunities including: the Christian Women Business Directory: Community Online Shop: and arise Magazine for Chirstian women in the market place:  


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"This event was what I needed, the connection i made are amazing. I met people of the same faith and interest. The venue was impecable and the speakers were truly amazing. "
- Anonymous
"I had no IDEA that this will be such an inspirational event. God really ordained or orchestrated this for me to be there as I had no idea of the existence of this event. I learnt so so much, but most of all, I received confirmation upon confirmation to just START!!! Sadly to say, I have been procrastinating for almost 2 years now, because of fear, because of "I don't have all the equipment needed to start", and every possible excuse, of which fear of failure was the biggest. BUT GOD! The ladies that I met and networked with, is people that can assist me with so many things pertaining to the ministry I want to start for teenage girls. Thank you, thank you, thank you for starting this. This will change so many people's lives and I am more than willing to do my part, you can just call if you need any help of whatever kind. KEEP IT GOING!!!"
- Judy Arenz (Diko)
"It was such an amazing event and I loved every minute of it. Thank you for this great event. I look forward to many more events such as this. God bless. "
- Anevay
"Incredible event! What an impartation we received from God Himself. This was beyond my expectations by far!"
- Moloko

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