I’m your typical South African; a family man and nature lover.

Over the years, I have gained extensive firearm knowledge. Through anti-poaching countermeasures, my involvement with community security and of course, sport! (I know that not all people are comfortable using or being around firearms. They might not know how to use them, or have access to them.)

I became an OPPS Instructor because I knew that I needed to diversify my self-protection skillset. Firearms are effective, but when it comes to protecting myself and my family - you can never be too prepared! The OPPS System is a balanced self-defense system by offering both, armed and unarmed training. It’s an incredible opportunity to weigh the scales in your favour, and safeguard your right to life.

I know that living in a rural area, my security requirements will be different from those living in the city or suburbia… But I am a firm believer of implementing defensive protocols which if needed, can be easily activated or called upon.

I am here to teach you a system that I know can be easily applied in real-life situations. Being prepared is half the fight won.

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