Ryan Jacobs


Ryan A. Jacobs is an author, life strategist, business consultant, prophetic voice and spiritual hub leader. He has been mentoring marketplace people in their vocations and careers for decades.


Ryan has served at various national and multinational companies for +20 years. He has been involved in consulting to the corporate world, running an independent business change and project delivery consultancy; successfully assembling and leading multi-discipline international teams in implementing change and technology initiatives.


Ryan believes that life is spiritual. And that life should be lived with certainty and intensity. Ryan is known to operate in acute spiritual foresight and wisdom-filled insight, with clear and proven results.


Amongst the books authored by Ryan are ‘Predestined From Your Mother’s Womb’‘The Nature of Business’,‘The Year of Your Life’, and ‘Career Surge’. He, together with his wife, Debra, also co-authors the cutting-edge daily devotional, ‘Enpowered Daily’.

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