The Sandton City Drive-In powered by Ster-Kinekor



Sandton City and Ster-Kinekor are proud to present a premium Drive-In experience.
Located on the Sandton City Rooftop, with access from the parking entrance on Sandton Drive. (Tiger Wheel & Tyre)


from 901 reviews
"I would recommend moving the sign leading up to the parking. I know it says to turn in 100m but at first glance while driving the big red arrow is confusing and seemingly points towards the incorrect entrance. This led to me being almost late to the movie because I had to drive around trying to find the right place. Also the end-credit scene of the movie was cut off, but other than that I had a fantastic time!"
- Cait
"It was an absolutely amazing experience. I love that there was a place to get your own snacks for the movie as well as the venue itself. Ultimately, it would be awesome if it did not last only a month. "
- Anonymous
"Was really awesome and so organized! A first for our kiddos any they thoroughly loved the experiencen "
- Lynesey
"Brilliant experience! I hope this is not a one time thing. This is how all movies should be!"
- David

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