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"A perfect and safe setting for Derek Gripper's world class perfomance. The venue amplified the sounds of the strings so that each melodic line took it's own path, and blended with the ambience of still night air. A memorable evening."
- Sheryl Deane
"The event was awesome. Derek played in silhouette in a candlelit yoga studio surrounded by the night sounds of Constantia greenbelt. It was a magical evening, with Derek's mesmerizing Kora melodies and Bach played beautifully on his Hauser Classical Guitar. The sound production was exquisite and every note came across like crystal. The constant stream of energy and sound filtered around us, and its warmth mirrored the red glow we felt from the heaters placed in the room on a winters night. The audience felt one with the musical interpretation of maestro Derek. He told us stories about the composers which enhanced the musical experience. Warm tea and coffee with rusks were welcome addition at the end of the event."
- Sheryl Deane
"Absolutely brilliant! What a treat."
- Anna
"Beautiful! He's a national key point."
- Mark Richards

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