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Hi, I’m Dirk

I’m a yoga teacher, advocate of meditation, mindfulness and an academic researcher interested in sustainability in design business.

After a long career in the world of reality television as a line producer and owner of a fashion and lifestyle production company, I realised that these fast-paced, highly stressful industries had taken a enormous toll on my emotional and physical well-being. In 2017, I discovered yoga and meditation during an extended period of contemplation in Bali. This time away inspired me to finish my masters degree in sustainable fashion design praxis. Yoga and secular meditation allowed me to begin to cultivate a deeper level of calm and clarity, developing a more nurturing and wholesome relationship with myself.

My dedication to trying to understand what makes us unhappy and what makes us suffer unnecessarily, deeply inspires me to teach others how to cultivate a happier mind, body and life. I am grateful and immensely privileged to be able to empower students to achieve the same within their own life. I strive to teach from a place of kindness, compassion and equanimity, guided by our shared human experience and aim to be happy and free from suffering.

What I teach is primarily concerned with holding space for students to slow down, to practice deliberate stillness and deep relaxation. I teach the simple art of getting out of your own way, practising how to pause, relax and restore, allowing for the mind to better adjust to dealing with stress in a more responsive and a less reactive way.

Besides practicing yoga, I am fascinated with by intersection of yoga and meditation, the nervous system and neuroplasticity and spend most of my time studying these. I love spending time in nature and being with our two dogs and two cats as I feel they have so many life lessons to teach us, such a unconditional love, ease of living and joyfulness.

Until we meet again, may you be well.

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